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For U… Mom… May 14, 2010

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I still remember that day when I was around seven or eight, when I tried to hide myself behind the black and white television set, from my mother when she was trying to punish me with a wooden scale. And it happened quite a few times since then, the only change being the place I tried to hide myself, once the television set, next time the closet and then behind my dad 😛 Believe me, that was some painful punishment. And you know who the complainant is? My little sister.. She made up situations and acted so innocent that my mom had no other choice left.. Well, even I wasn’t that good a sister then. I beat her once, she beats back twice, then pull each other’s hair and thus the love continues :-P.

And then the high school days, when my mom never used to mind slapping me to keep me awake during the exam preparations. Lucky me, she did that only when I asked her to do so. She was the one who always kept an eye on every thing right from the pencil box to the progress reports. She never liked if we (me and my sister) left the packed food uneaten. How could I even do that when she used to wake up early every morning to prepare something special for both of us for breakfast and for lunch. I could see how happy she was when we liked the food and ate it completely. True love is what it is called!!! Amidst her work, she always had an ear for my complaints about the patches of blue starch on the white school uniform and the shoes not being tied properly. Thank you Amma for making it a lot easier for me 🙂 .

And now, its been four years of under graduation and then the masters… And here she is, one of my best friends whom I share the world with. I obey, order and demand her 🙂 There is hardly anything I have not shared with her and nothing that she dint. I love being there for her when she needs me and that makes me the most happiest.

I should say that I have never witnessed this beautiful transformation in her. But when I think about it now, she was once a strict mother, then a teacher who guided me through my life and then now she means the world to me. On this Mother’s day, I asked her what gift she wants and she said, “Keep loving me the way you do now and that’s the biggest gift ever!”. As dramatic as it might sound, its impossible to thank her for what she has been!!! But, this is a small effort to let her know how much I love her and would love being with her!!!

“Amma, you have been such a great mother and such a great friend. You have supported me in every thing and understood me the most. You have prayed for us day and night and never for yourself. You have such a great heart to forgive people. You have been my inspiration, Amma. I look at who you are and really wish I was like you and then there would be no one who would have hated me. Sorry if I ever disappointed you with anything.

Amma, when my friends in college complemented me that I was looking good, I used to tell them that’s because I wore a dress that you selected for me. Thanks for making me look beautiful Amma 🙂 I owe it all to you! And I loved it when you said, “How could I beat such a sweet girl with a wooden scale”. Never mind.. I am happy with both of them, you punishing me and now calling me “sweet”.

I hate everyone who gives you pain and don’t ask me to be the same with them. I can’t forgive them like you do. You deserve the best Amma! We would have been nothing without you. And you define us. Love you the most!

Knowingly or unknowingly, there were days when I gave you pain, there were days when I hurt you.  But you never complained. You were always patient to listen to me and always helped me in trouble. I can never thank you for what all you did but I owe you this Amma. A big sorry for every stupid stuff your daughter did and I promise that I will never hurt you. Whenever I think of ways to let you know how much you mean to me, I end up not being to able to convey it you 😦  I love you Amma, and all I pray for is your happiness.

Miss you Amma!! Always there for you!! Take care :-)”

“I remember my mother’s prayers and good deeds. They have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life”.


My first car crash :) February 24, 2009

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All the driving that the driving schools teach us is to just turn the steering and count the number of gears. Though I somehow managed to get a license with the help of those short-span driving classes, it took me more than an year to learn driving on the busy hyderabad roads with the help of my father guiding me during every ride. He never allowed me to drive without him sitting right next to me beside the driver’s seat. And I sat driving and nodding my head for every small instruction he gave. It took him an year to make sure that his daughter could now actually drive the car by herself.

There it started two months back… I drove my relatives to few places in hyderabad and started taking feedbacks from everyone of them. It dint take me much time to divert all the good feedbacks to my dad’s notice 😉 . And I slowly started asking for the car keys every now and then.

It was the first day of Felicity when me and my friends danced to our fullest at Mohit Chauhan’s show. It was then when  we planned to go for a short ride. The ride was awesome and we were back in the college before the guard closed the gate. And then we just thought to stop by the stalls near the felicity ground. I started taking a reverse to head back to the parking lot and took every care so that my car din’t hit the gate of New Boys Hostel and drove it little fast 😛 when from no where came this huge tree in my car’s way 😦 . There was a big “Baaaaaaangggggg!!!!” and one of us got out of the car not knowing what actually happened and the others stayed inside wondering what would have happened 😛 .

Leaving all that had happened, I started analysing every reason for the crash and prepared myself to face my father the next day. Neither it was the first reverse that I had ever taken nor the road was narrow. The only reasons I could come up with are; there was no proper light near the place, I dint look at the back mirror to check if there was any hurdle and my friends were busy looking at one of the newest couples of our college 😛 .

On the next day, I drove my car into the cellar of my building, set it in proper position so that my dad could directly look at the damage (which would help me escape from a lil explanation 😛 ). And you know what? He just said “Go up and have your breakfast”. I then said, “Sorry dad. It was my mistake. I was driving little fast” for which he replied saying, “Dont talk much about it. Just go up!”. And then my mother says, “Now this should be an experience. Drive properly and take care when you take a reverse next time. Dont worry about the car. We will take care ” 🙂 Love you mom and dad.

And then we went to the Hyundai showroom to file a complaint 🙂 . Btw, do you know who scolded me the most?? Its my little sister who took proper advantage of the situation and here i am waiting for my turn 😛 .


Diwali,2008 October 30, 2008

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Well, this time I atleast tried to come out to my balcony to look at a few of my kind peeping out of theirs’ and many of those who were busy celebrating. I can say that I was the one more worried about them while they were actually enjoying to their fullest.

When I saw someone trying to light a cracker standing too close to it, I was constantly murmuring to myself, “Not so close! Not so close!”. And when someone finds it difficult to light one, I couldn’t stop myself from shouting , “Enough! Now please move away before it blows up”. I saw a car parked infront of our building. It was all fine till I saw a “Bhoo Chakra” moving towards it and it was then when I thought, “Couldn’t the owner park it somewhere else?”. I was wondering if he actually gave a single thought to where his car should be parked.

Then came a call from my bro’s asking me and my sister to visit his place. Though it is just about half-a-km far from ours’, it seemed miles away given that I had to walk amidst all the crackers. My heart was pounding as loud as the crackers; Hands over my ears, eyes tightly shut,opening once in a while just to make sure I wasn’t walking into some “danger zone”. Finally, I somehow managed  to reach his place with the help of my little sister 🙂 .

Guys, this wasn’t me till two years back. There were days when I lighted a 5k wala(ladi) myself 🙂 . But it all ended when a rocket hit my grandpa near his eye 😦 . I am glad he put on his glasses then. Since then I was always scared that someone might get hurt real bad 😦 .

One of my decorations at my house this Diwali 🙂


My passion for dance October 19, 2008

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My inclination towards dance begun the day when my parents din’t allow me to participate in the school annual day dance competitions in my KG. After seeing my friends perform so well, I cried for days for not being able to dance with them 😦 . Since then, till today, dance has charmed me in every way possible and I never let go any opportunity.

At school, I had little scope to showcase my talent. But at IIIT, it was like the beginning of a new era. Starting from Fresher’s Day 2005 to Cultural Night 2008, there were many propitious instances which will remain in the pages of my diary forever. Hope you guys remember those days of our Freshers when we were urged to practise day and night to give our very first performance here. Namrata, Deepti 😀 , Srp and Srirang on Kajrare.. Harshi and Shikha on Dolare.. Charan 🙂 , Bhargav, Srujan and Prithvi on Gajuvaka and Dus Bahane.. Me, Prashasti, Maruti 😛 , Mathur and Kapil on Kambaqt Ishq.. Though some of these continued dancing, you dont find the rest on stage these days. Hope they would step up once again in this final year 🙂 .

One of my favourite performances was the classical “trio” performance by Harshita, Namrata and Me in the basketball ground on the song “chinnamma chilakamma”. We truly dedicate this performance to our beloved professor Dr.Govindarajulu, who is very fond of classical dance.

Apart from these, I am a rabid follower of Indian Idol and I was always sad and worried because not even a single good dance show was being aired. I wondered if people preferred singing to dancing?? and always ended up saying a “NO”, looking forward to some good dance shows. Then started my all-time favourite “Nach Baliye” making my long-time wish come true. The show can best be described in three phrases : debonair dances, elegant expressions and charismatic coordination. I would never forget the tremendous performance for “Baahon ki Dharmiyan” by Tina and Hussain. And from there this trend continued… “Aaja Mahi Vay”, “Zare Nachke Dikha” are two more of this kind.

So friends, here I tag each one of you to share all of your dance experiences with us 🙂 … Be it any… small or big.

@deepti : Mams, cannot forget your randaka randaka 😛

@namrata,harshita : Shall we give another try…(not for the felicity song though 😉 )

@maruti : last yr any plans of performing in the cultural night? 🙂


It’s been 9months-23days n 3hrs August 30, 2008

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since I last blogged…. Thanks to the conception of “Bloggers’ Day” which made me spare some time from my every day schedule of lazing around and pretending to be busy. Happy Bloggers’ Day to all the bloggers out there!!!

Well, I would like to start off with congratulating my friend Deeps for the acceptance of her paper. “Keep it going dudette!!! 🙂 “.

Then, coming to the incidental issues which I would like to share, the past few months have been some of my most proficient days at IIIT. The inception of this phase has been the day when I won “The Girls TableTennis(TT) Championship” at IIIT. It being the first time that I have ever played TT and the fact that all this was possible with a practice of just one month made me feel as if I was on cloud 9 🙂 . I do like playing many games but TT by far has been one of my all-time favourites. Hope I keep my position this time too !!!

And the good luck thus continued…

– when I became the “SPORTS GIRL” of IIIT.

– when I received my grade sheet for the semester 3-1, the one with the best grades i have ever received 🙂 . And the one in 3-2 outscored 3-1 making me a lot happier. Though I know life at IIIT is not all about grades, I was overwhelmed with joy as it was my first.

– finally, the three months of internship at IBM (ISL), Hyderabad. This experience made it easy for me to picture myself as a software engineer after an year 😕 . I will better describe how exactly it would be in three phrases : highly monotonous, an incumbent tangle and a competition cum rivalry.

And now, I am all geared up for the fun and frivol of the final year 😉 . I thank the Almighty for all the luck he has bestowed upon me and I hope this weather continues !!! Will get back to you soon with another post…


I love ma family… December 6, 2007

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I donot cognize where to start if someone asks me when did i start loving my family.Perhaps no one will and no one can.It might have started the day I tried to walk holding my mom’s fingertips or the day I sat on my dad’s belly tapping it all the time or it might have started the day I tried calling my mother “amma”. Very difficult isn’t it?There might have started my parent’s abiding love for me and my little sister and this is my family.

Never knowing how time’s past so fast,i do remember many of the funny things i did in my childhood with my mother helping me many a times in doing so.If it were not for my parents who keep teasing me for all that stuff i did, i would have missed knowing about a lot of those naughty deeds. Trying to snatch things from people, getting to any heights to grab things and the only motive behind doing all these is just to throw them down and break them.One should see my parents and sister laughing at me for all these things.These petty precious moments matter to me the most than anything in my life. I owe this to my parent’s patience and prudence that has made all of us what we are now.

Everyday i see my mother rummaging through the drawers to find things my sister and I keep misplacing, packing boxes for us on time with my dad helping her doing it. And when it comes to my dad’s turn one can see him thinking which share will favour him that day so that he can save a little for his lovely daughters.Lucky us 🙂 Inspite of them being laden with loads of work ,they always find time to abate the fightings between my sister and me while we try to abduct things from each other or find one invading the other’s territory of the bed, to teach us what is good and what is not, to play around with us etc etc:) We also get to face dad’s stern looks and stop quarelling at his gruff voice but the very next moment we cannot stop laughing at his grin:) Four of us often get divided into groups of two, supporting their partner and for time being staying against the other one who might be his/her partner the next time :P. Its all fun when four of us are together. I always thank God for blessing me with such a great family. Love you mom and dad 🙂


The Indian Idol ’07 August 23, 2007

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The most celebrated show on the Indian television, the very avatar of delectation and a remarkable show of skill and talent, this is what I would say when it comes to the all time amusing show of Indian Idol 3.I wouldn’t have defined it the same way an year ago or the year before that.The catch then was very less compared to the number now.Watching Indian Idol has become one of my favourite chores these days.The program is quite popular in the overseas markets too .It airs three shows a week , where the first night features a half an hour show of masti, the so called “Roobaro” with spunky pranks,the second night features an hour of exciting performances and the third one features a pitiful riddance.

People are passionate about many things and this a show is for all those who have a great and never-ending passion for music.Not only for those who would love to sing but also for those who would love to listen to those who does.Here, one can see thousands of young talented and enthusiastic stiffs coming from all the corners of india.There are a series of selection rounds after which thirteen are selected this time as the final contestants.There starts the genuine and the tough contention, all of them fancying the honor and the purse being quite high.

Every week the participants choose a song based on a theme entertaining us with the slow melodies, the western numbers and also the Indi pop.The songs sometimes tug at the heartstrings and one can never stop himself/herself listening to them again and again.Few of the melodious voices and over-the-top performances would definitely make one fall in love with them.But,Whether it is Amit Paul with his extraordinary performance or it is Emon, the chota Sonu singing or it is Ankita with her dashing style,every one eagerly awaits for the assessments of the judges after every performance which often perturbs the contestants and many a times the audience too.One should never stumble and one’s voice shouldn’t snap abruptly.Even a single mistake might cost them a fortune.The so called “SUR” is very crucial here.Any foiled attempt to win the medal makes one return back with dashed ambitions and hopes.The audience votes play a major role in protecting the contestants from the danger zone but many a times regrettably, they too turnout to be a lot partial. As weeks pass by, the competition is getting tougher and it is always an unbearable suspense as who’s gonna depart the next week.

On the other side of the coin, we have the four judges who always decry each other’s opinions and quarrel on petty points.Anu Malik fixates on every performance and his comment is always in a great public demand.Public opinion to the contrary, he is never guilty for any of his words.Its fun many a times to watch Alisha ,Udit Narayan and Anu Malik deeply involved in distorting each others comments.And it is Javed Akhtar whose predictions always come true whether it is about Deepali’s exit or about Parleen’s performance.Overall, as Sonu Nigam said we have the judges who do all the things openly whether it is to praise a performer or to fight between themselves.

One line descriptions about few of my favourite contestants of Indian Idol 3.

Amit Paul :- One can fall asleep to the euphony of his voice, “Pehla Nasha” is my all time favourite.
Emon Chatterjee :- One gets basked in his voice, the one he dedicated to parleen was awesome.
Deepali Kishore :- The nightingale of IndianIdol 3, Chang’s flower made wonders with this pretty madhuri.
Ankita Mishra :- Performance(100%) + singing(50%), “Babuji” suited her the best.
Meiyang Chang :- Great clarity of words, “Mahive , teri yaad aati hain re” ,the best among the indi pop performances scored him a lot.
Prashant Tamang :- One will know him for the ease of his singing, “Ya Ali” was one of his best galas.
Pooja Chatterjee :- Suron ka queen, Her “Mahiya ve” made Anu Malik cry.

But finally it is only one among these who is gonna receive the medal for his/her valor.Also, I would like my friends Deepti, Harshi, Spandana, Lydia, Anupama and Namrata to name their favourite contestants.