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I, me and myself… May 18, 2007

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Well, to start off with, writing blogs never seemed like a passion to me.But I have always wanted to polish up my english and a blog provides me with a great platform to do so. Also, with friends around me who have a good habit of writing few, I felt like starting with one.

As this is my very first blog, lemme just tell you people few things about me and give you glimpses of the little journey i have had till now.I should say,i am a lucky stiff. Since my childhood,as far as i knew, i was brought up in a guarded and secured environment, being punished forevery stupid thing i do to my younger sis 😛 .I should say that was enough strict and any elder sis should understand that 😀 .Jus kidding 😉 . As time passed on, i was busy with my schooling and the very boring exams.But bet you those were the best days of my life. Luckily, i topped most of the exams, my parents being very happy seeing my progress report, the copies of every class which are in my cupboard even now. But my grandmother, who ofcourse congratulates me on my success and also asks me to keep an eye on the coming future where one needs to work real hard to succeed and this caution always helped me realise at every step, what my family expects from me.

Coming to my family its my mom, dad and my little sis. Mom is more than a best friend to me.I agree she isnt a housewife but manages the work very well right from 5.00 in the morning to 11.00 in the night (oops!!!very tiring…God knows how she does that so well)She is a marvellous cook and a gifted GK teacher; name the abbreviation and she’s got the expansion for it.Dad never compelled me to do anything and that probably has made me what i am today.He, inspite of the hectic work, always has time for us and the stupid, irritating fights between me and my “buddy”(thats what i call my cute little sis). She is very active, too talkative unlike me 😀 (its true isnt it? 😛 ), fairer than me which makes me jealous, rather very jealous 😀 and finally loves me more than i do (chooo chweet).

Its been a very long, hard two year journey after my schooling that led to me the IIIT.I actually spent most of the time studying those two years (as i suppose most of us did) and finally was happy at the result.And now it is all the IIIT which is infront of me.Here, one need to work real hard in every field to succeed .Being in hostel for the first time seemed little unusual to me.I was diffident at first but it always feels good to know that there are even better friends here who care for you.Days swept faster since then.

This way, i was regaled with many options in every aspect of my life.Its just the fraction of a second where you decide which path to take and that’s the thing which really matters and the correct decision always helps you not to regret your haste…