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The two years off!!! July 9, 2007

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People come to IIIT with an absolute zeal for education.So did I.For me, it was all about starting life anew in a fresh place.At the very beginning, life here seemed little bleak and difficult.The pressure of fitting in with new friends,new place and being away from the family for the first time made me little unquiet.But it took me a while to find out that time makes you learn everything here and slowly i learned how to get on with it.

Life here is designed for a complete day which i think is the reason for making it mandatory to stay in the hostel.The very first days in IIIT remind me of a time of unexampled situations.Ragging aka “The Healthy Interaction” was sometimes fun and it went on till late night hours.The schedule was quite perfect from day one itself.Waking up early in the morning,attending the PET right away,then the lectures,the tutorials and the HI.Lax in attending classes and slipshod ways are not acceptable here.The percentage of attendance required can no where be compared to that of other colleges.We try marking proxies whenever possible but sometimes it becomes colossally difficult to escape the vigilant eyes of few of the professors.I had a bad habit of sleeping during the lectures (which ofcourse was quite common).I was quite embarrassed when i was told by few of my friends that one of my favourite professors stood right infront of me in the class during one of the lectures and couldnot stop smiling at me as i didnot even try to open my eyes 😦 .Days swept faster since then.Slowly,I started savoring the new environs.

You find different kinds of people here.Some inflexible,some ingenious,some steadfast and some all the three.One need to work little hard rather i should say little differently to get along with the courses and everything.Fancying an A in every course one opts for is quite common.People are often seen freaking out,playing games,watching movies,etc.And if you see one quite worked up at anytime then you can take it for granted that they have either an assignment or an exam the following day 🙂 . Its all like that here the so called “One Day Batting”.Parallel to all these IIIT has always had games,singing competitions,many club activities…Bang in the middle of every even semister comes the “FELICITY”,a platform for us to both entertain and enjoy.

Now talking about the other side of the coin ,we are fourteen girls in our batch who mugged up the names of each other in a span of just 10 mins as we were ordered to.We are the most noisiest 😛 .Hilarious comedy,chorusing the songs,dancing on every bday night,gossiping,watching movies,blah..blah..blah..These are few of the things we always keep doing.We often go to the canteen,get ourselves stuffed ,drift around the campus in the nights and then finally come back to our respective hideouts.There were times when we played along the roads,under the banyan tree least bothered if someone’s watching us.Teasing each other,spamming each other’s mail boxes is some dirty stuff we keep
doing often 😛 .It’s lots of fun being with each other and we keep enjoying every moment.

Altogether, the two years off in IIIT were great !!!