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The Indian Idol ’07 August 23, 2007

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The most celebrated show on the Indian television, the very avatar of delectation and a remarkable show of skill and talent, this is what I would say when it comes to the all time amusing show of Indian Idol 3.I wouldn’t have defined it the same way an year ago or the year before that.The catch then was very less compared to the number now.Watching Indian Idol has become one of my favourite chores these days.The program is quite popular in the overseas markets too .It airs three shows a week , where the first night features a half an hour show of masti, the so called “Roobaro” with spunky pranks,the second night features an hour of exciting performances and the third one features a pitiful riddance.

People are passionate about many things and this a show is for all those who have a great and never-ending passion for music.Not only for those who would love to sing but also for those who would love to listen to those who does.Here, one can see thousands of young talented and enthusiastic stiffs coming from all the corners of india.There are a series of selection rounds after which thirteen are selected this time as the final contestants.There starts the genuine and the tough contention, all of them fancying the honor and the purse being quite high.

Every week the participants choose a song based on a theme entertaining us with the slow melodies, the western numbers and also the Indi pop.The songs sometimes tug at the heartstrings and one can never stop himself/herself listening to them again and again.Few of the melodious voices and over-the-top performances would definitely make one fall in love with them.But,Whether it is Amit Paul with his extraordinary performance or it is Emon, the chota Sonu singing or it is Ankita with her dashing style,every one eagerly awaits for the assessments of the judges after every performance which often perturbs the contestants and many a times the audience too.One should never stumble and one’s voice shouldn’t snap abruptly.Even a single mistake might cost them a fortune.The so called “SUR” is very crucial here.Any foiled attempt to win the medal makes one return back with dashed ambitions and hopes.The audience votes play a major role in protecting the contestants from the danger zone but many a times regrettably, they too turnout to be a lot partial. As weeks pass by, the competition is getting tougher and it is always an unbearable suspense as who’s gonna depart the next week.

On the other side of the coin, we have the four judges who always decry each other’s opinions and quarrel on petty points.Anu Malik fixates on every performance and his comment is always in a great public demand.Public opinion to the contrary, he is never guilty for any of his words.Its fun many a times to watch Alisha ,Udit Narayan and Anu Malik deeply involved in distorting each others comments.And it is Javed Akhtar whose predictions always come true whether it is about Deepali’s exit or about Parleen’s performance.Overall, as Sonu Nigam said we have the judges who do all the things openly whether it is to praise a performer or to fight between themselves.

One line descriptions about few of my favourite contestants of Indian Idol 3.

Amit Paul :- One can fall asleep to the euphony of his voice, “Pehla Nasha” is my all time favourite.
Emon Chatterjee :- One gets basked in his voice, the one he dedicated to parleen was awesome.
Deepali Kishore :- The nightingale of IndianIdol 3, Chang’s flower made wonders with this pretty madhuri.
Ankita Mishra :- Performance(100%) + singing(50%), “Babuji” suited her the best.
Meiyang Chang :- Great clarity of words, “Mahive , teri yaad aati hain re” ,the best among the indi pop performances scored him a lot.
Prashant Tamang :- One will know him for the ease of his singing, “Ya Ali” was one of his best galas.
Pooja Chatterjee :- Suron ka queen, Her “Mahiya ve” made Anu Malik cry.

But finally it is only one among these who is gonna receive the medal for his/her valor.Also, I would like my friends Deepti, Harshi, Spandana, Lydia, Anupama and Namrata to name their favourite contestants.