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I love ma family… December 6, 2007

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I donot cognize where to start if someone asks me when did i start loving my family.Perhaps no one will and no one can.It might have started the day I tried to walk holding my mom’s fingertips or the day I sat on my dad’s belly tapping it all the time or it might have started the day I tried calling my mother “amma”. Very difficult isn’t it?There might have started my parent’s abiding love for me and my little sister and this is my family.

Never knowing how time’s past so fast,i do remember many of the funny things i did in my childhood with my mother helping me many a times in doing so.If it were not for my parents who keep teasing me for all that stuff i did, i would have missed knowing about a lot of those naughty deeds. Trying to snatch things from people, getting to any heights to grab things and the only motive behind doing all these is just to throw them down and break them.One should see my parents and sister laughing at me for all these things.These petty precious moments matter to me the most than anything in my life. I owe this to my parent’s patience and prudence that has made all of us what we are now.

Everyday i see my mother rummaging through the drawers to find things my sister and I keep misplacing, packing boxes for us on time with my dad helping her doing it. And when it comes to my dad’s turn one can see him thinking which share will favour him that day so that he can save a little for his lovely daughters.Lucky us 🙂 Inspite of them being laden with loads of work ,they always find time to abate the fightings between my sister and me while we try to abduct things from each other or find one invading the other’s territory of the bed, to teach us what is good and what is not, to play around with us etc etc:) We also get to face dad’s stern looks and stop quarelling at his gruff voice but the very next moment we cannot stop laughing at his grin:) Four of us often get divided into groups of two, supporting their partner and for time being staying against the other one who might be his/her partner the next time :P. Its all fun when four of us are together. I always thank God for blessing me with such a great family. Love you mom and dad 🙂