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It’s been 9months-23days n 3hrs August 30, 2008

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since I last blogged…. Thanks to the conception of “Bloggers’ Day” which made me spare some time from my every day schedule of lazing around and pretending to be busy. Happy Bloggers’ Day to all the bloggers out there!!!

Well, I would like to start off with congratulating my friend Deeps for the acceptance of her paper. “Keep it going dudette!!! 🙂 “.

Then, coming to the incidental issues which I would like to share, the past few months have been some of my most proficient days at IIIT. The inception of this phase has been the day when I won “The Girls TableTennis(TT) Championship” at IIIT. It being the first time that I have ever played TT and the fact that all this was possible with a practice of just one month made me feel as if I was on cloud 9 🙂 . I do like playing many games but TT by far has been one of my all-time favourites. Hope I keep my position this time too !!!

And the good luck thus continued…

– when I became the “SPORTS GIRL” of IIIT.

– when I received my grade sheet for the semester 3-1, the one with the best grades i have ever received 🙂 . And the one in 3-2 outscored 3-1 making me a lot happier. Though I know life at IIIT is not all about grades, I was overwhelmed with joy as it was my first.

– finally, the three months of internship at IBM (ISL), Hyderabad. This experience made it easy for me to picture myself as a software engineer after an year 😕 . I will better describe how exactly it would be in three phrases : highly monotonous, an incumbent tangle and a competition cum rivalry.

And now, I am all geared up for the fun and frivol of the final year 😉 . I thank the Almighty for all the luck he has bestowed upon me and I hope this weather continues !!! Will get back to you soon with another post…