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Diwali,2008 October 30, 2008

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Well, this time I atleast tried to come out to my balcony to look at a few of my kind peeping out of theirs’ and many of those who were busy celebrating. I can say that I was the one more worried about them while they were actually enjoying to their fullest.

When I saw someone trying to light a cracker standing too close to it, I was constantly murmuring to myself, “Not so close! Not so close!”. And when someone finds it difficult to light one, I couldn’t stop myself from shouting , “Enough! Now please move away before it blows up”. I saw a car parked infront of our building. It was all fine till I saw a “Bhoo Chakra” moving towards it and it was then when I thought, “Couldn’t the owner park it somewhere else?”. I was wondering if he actually gave a single thought to where his car should be parked.

Then came a call from my bro’s asking me and my sister to visit his place. Though it is just about half-a-km far from ours’, it seemed miles away given that I had to walk amidst all the crackers. My heart was pounding as loud as the crackers; Hands over my ears, eyes tightly shut,opening once in a while just to make sure I wasn’t walking into some “danger zone”. Finally, I somehow managedΒ  to reach his place with the help of my little sister πŸ™‚ .

Guys, this wasn’t me till two years back. There were days when I lighted a 5k wala(ladi) myself πŸ™‚ . But it all ended when a rocket hit my grandpa near his eye 😦 . I am glad he put on his glasses then. Since then I was always scared that someone might get hurt real bad 😦 .

One of my decorations at my house this Diwali πŸ™‚


7 Responses to “Diwali,2008”

  1. anon Says:

    yeah even i felt scary to move along road that day even on bike :(.. it was scary but still enjoyed myself riding :D.

    thing about car – our neighbor left car little in front of our house. when we threw the first cracker out he came out to take away the car πŸ˜›

    by the way we lighted 2 5kwalas πŸ˜€

  2. Anupama Says:

    Why do you feel the scarcity of the crackers? πŸ˜€

  3. navatha Says:

    @anon : Yeah riding a bike amidst all these.. dats another tough job.. Sometimes my dad does too….

    @anu : Yeah anu I do remember dat one πŸ˜€ “Y are you feeling the scarcity of seniors? ” :)) lol..

  4. Deepti Says:

    My my..If my mom or dad sees this decoration of yours, they are gonna kick me and say “This is what you should be doing on Diwali, not eating sweets and reading newspaper as if you have some exam on them and fighting with small kids for more crackers ” πŸ˜€ ..
    In pkr’s slang “i no scarcity of crackers, crackers fall on me when young young, i burn crackers still.”

  5. bhargava Says:

    i was like “c’mon she must be joking. no one can be that scared” until i read the line about the rocket and your grandpa.
    yeah! incidents like that could change the way you look at things, but 2 years is a long time. you should get over your fears.

  6. Namrata Says:

    Nice post, nice decoration as well. Rockets are the only kind of crackers I am still a lil fond off, all the other interests have died.

  7. gsk Says:

    β€œGuys, this wasn’t me till two years back. There were days when I lighted a 5k wala(ladi) myself :)” thought u were joking πŸ˜› !! n that reminds me of WANTED film ” this is me taking back the control of my life” πŸ˜€ .Hope u β€˜ll feel comfortable lighting a 100 wala in the coming years πŸ˜› !! I really appreciate your decoration πŸ™‚ ( this is for your satisfaction πŸ˜› )

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