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My first car crash :) February 24, 2009

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All the driving that the driving schools teach us is to just turn the steering and count the number of gears. Though I somehow managed to get a license with the help of those short-span driving classes, it took me more than an year to learn driving on the busy hyderabad roads with the help of my father guiding me during every ride. He never allowed me to drive without him sitting right next to me beside the driver’s seat. And I sat driving and nodding my head for every small instruction he gave. It took him an year to make sure that his daughter could now actually drive the car by herself.

There it started two months back… I drove my relatives to few places in hyderabad and started taking feedbacks from everyone of them. It dint take me much time to divert all the good feedbacks to my dad’s notice πŸ˜‰ . And I slowly started asking for the car keys every now and then.

It was the first day of Felicity when me and my friends danced to our fullest at Mohit Chauhan’s show. It was then whenΒ  we planned to go for a short ride. The ride was awesome and we were back in the college before the guard closed the gate. And then we just thought to stop by the stalls near the felicity ground. I started taking a reverse to head back to the parking lot and took every care so that my car din’t hit the gate of New Boys Hostel and drove it little fast πŸ˜› when from no where came this huge tree in my car’s way 😦 . There was a big “Baaaaaaangggggg!!!!” and one of us got out of the car not knowing what actually happened and the others stayed inside wondering what would have happened πŸ˜› .

Leaving all that had happened, I started analysing every reason for the crash and prepared myself to face my father the next day. Neither it was the first reverse that I had ever taken nor the road was narrow. The only reasons I could come up with are; there was no proper light near the place, I dint look at the back mirror to check if there was any hurdle and my friends were busy looking at one of the newest couples of our college πŸ˜› .

On the next day, I drove my car into the cellar of my building, set it in proper position so that my dad could directly look at the damage (which would help me escape from a lil explanation πŸ˜› ). And you know what? He just said “Go up and have your breakfast”. I then said, “Sorry dad. It was my mistake. I was driving little fast” for which he replied saying, “Dont talk much about it. Just go up!”. And then my mother says, “Now this should be an experience. Drive properly and take care when you take a reverse next time. Dont worry about the car. We will take care ” πŸ™‚ Love you mom and dad.

And then we went to the Hyundai showroom to file a complaint πŸ™‚ . Btw, do you know who scolded me the most?? Its my little sister who took proper advantage of the situation and here i am waiting for my turn πŸ˜› .